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Rock and minerals

The Testing Laboratory Directorate (TDL) is accredited to perform testing of over 60 characteristics of rocks and minerals.
The determination of the characteristics moisture and loss on ignition is performed by using weight methods.
The element content (up to 35 elements) is determined is in accordance with the ICP-AES method, after proper digestion with aqua regia or a mixture of three acids in a microwave oven.
Gold and silver content is determined using two methods - fire assay and AAS determination or AAS determination after aqua regia digestion.
Sample silicate analysis is performed using XRF analysis.
The determination of sulfur and carbon is performed using high temperature combustion in an oxygen environment with infrared absorption. The content of total organic carbon, total inorganic carbon and total carbonate content are performed in accordance with validated intralaboratory methods.
TLD also performs specific testing of rocks and minerals, used for construction purposes: water-soluble and acid-soluble sulphates, total sulfur, water-soluble chlorides organic components (humus), solubility in water; lightweight contaminations and others.
TLD also performs diagnostics of mineral composition (qualitative and quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis, granulometric characteristics (using classical methods and laser diffraction), petrographic chalcographic analysis, microprobe analysis and mineralogical analysis (panning) of rocks and minerals and these activities are beyond the scope of TLD’s accreditation.

If the client requires it, the test reports can also be issued both in Bulgarian and in English.