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Ores and ore processing products

The Testing Laboratory Directorate (TLD) is accredited for the testing of over 50 characteristics of ores and ore processing products, in accordance with standardized validated intralaboratory methods.
The determination of moisture and loss on ignition is performed with weight methods.
The element content (up to 35 elements) in ores and ore processing products is determined with ICP-AES after microwave digestion with aqua regia or a mixture of three acids.
The content of gold and silver is determined with two methods – fire assay and AAS determination or AAS determination after aqua regia digestion.
The determination of sulfur and carbon is performed with combustion at high temperature in an oxygen environment with infrared absorption.
The determination of chemical elements from sodium (Na) to uranium (U) is performed with SEM EDX – scanning electron microscopy and x-ray microanalysis. This is a nondestructive express method for the determination of chemical composition, form, dimensions and inhomogeneities. TLD can also supply photos in SEI, X-ray map and Line scan in the form of annexes to the test reports.
Additionally, TLD also performs diagnostics of mineral composition (qualitative and quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis, particle size distribution (laser diffraction) and chalcographic analysis of ores, and these activities are beyond the scope of accreditation of TLD.
TLD has an ore dressing laboratory, which provides it with the opportunity to perform technologic investigations under laboratory conditions for ore dressing of various ores. The options and method for precious components extraction are determined. Degree of concentration and extraction, determination of the main technological parameters and x-ray mode. Additionally, complex mineralogical investigations for the characteristics of technologic samples and phase distribution of gold and silver are performed (choice of an ore dressing method, degree of concentration and extraction).

If the client requires it, the test reports can also be issued both in Bulgarian and in English.