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Soil and rock mechanics

The Testing Laboratory Directorate (TLD) is accredited to perform testing of over 30 characteristics of soil and rock samples in accordance with the Bulgarian State Standards and European norms, as well as ISRM’s requirements for rocks.
Testing of soil samples ( clay, sand, and gravel ) includes:

  • Water content, bulk density, specific density, pore volume and pore coefficient, plastic limits, particle size distribution and their classification in accordance to current national and European norms.;
  • Compressive properties with determination of compressive and elastic modules and consolidation coefficient (time-settle);
  • Direct shear strength test for determination of the angle of internal friction and cohesion;
  • Optimal water content and maximum standard volume density (the Proctor method);
  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR);
  • unconfined compressive strength (UCS) of clay and weak rock varieties with the determination of the compressive strength, the undrained cohesion and axial deformation;
  • water permeability of connected soils in a compression apparatus;
  • special soils such as collapsible (macropore volume), swelling (relative swelling and tension of swelling), organic, slit, turf, saline and soils of artificial origin.

Testing of rock samples includes:

  • Direct shear strength test in the following states: dry, water absorbed and frozen;
  • Splitting tensile strength (Brazilian test) in the three states;
  • Point load test (PLT);
  • triaxial tests with the determination of the cohesion and internal friction angle;
  • static module of elasticity with the determination of longitudinal and traverse deformations and Poisson's ratio;
  • shear strength in sloping matrixes on a set surface (Angle of internal friction and cohesion);
  • water absorption and coefficient of water saturation;
  • frost resistance (loss in mass);

The laboratory is equipped with modern testing equipment, manufactured by Technotest, Italy and Controls Italy.
"Eurotest-Control" EAD performs geotechnical and hydrogeological surveys for buildings, facilities, roads, waste depots, sustainability of open and underground mining works etc.

If the client requires it, the test reports can also be issued both in Bulgarian and in English.