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Notable completed projects

1. Sampling, dividing, homogenization, particle size distribution, mineralogical characterization and chemical analysis of Cu (copper) concentrated of “Ellatzite – Med” AD;

2. Conducting extensive pilot investigations IN SITU with the aim of gold gravity extraction from float tailings on the site of “Ellatzite – Med” AD;

3. Characterization of tailings from the tailings facilities – west tailingspile, oxide tailingspile and tailings pond "Lyulyakovitsa" – kinetic tests with the purpose of key parameters determination;

4. Evaluation of the possibilities for the value increase of “Assarel” deposit ores, by increasing the amount of gold, as well as Molybdenum, Rhenium and others in the final products of ore dressing;

5. Report on the necessity for ground stabilization at the construction of "Maritza" highway, Lot 1 “Orizovo – Dimitrovgrad”, km 5+000 to km 36+400;

6. Investigation of the molybdenum‘s behavior and its distribution in the products of the flotation process in "Ellatzite - Med" AD

7. Quantification of the gold content in output ore and tailings in “Ellatzite” deposit; Determination of the form of gold presence in the investigated samples, as well as in separate fractions – magnetic, electromagnetic, heavy and light;

8. Survey of the waters of "Elshitsa" site;

9. Survey of soils, plants and waters of estates in a mountainous and flat terrain with the aim of conventional manufacturing of agricultural products;

10. Conformity assessment testing of the tailings, generated by “Ellatzite – Med” in relation to their main characterization;

11. Control and improvement of the organization of work when performing sampling, sample preparation and chemical tests, control body"Dust laboratory" and control body "Electric laboratory" of “Ellatzite – Med”;

12. Tailings characterization from "Golyam Bukovets" tailings pond – static and kinetic tests;

13. Sampling in Republic of Sudan and performing of complex technological investigations for the gravity extraction of gold;