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The Testing Laboratory Directorate (TLD) is accredited to test various characteristics of samples of liquid waste, tailings, technological sludge, eluates from their leaching.


The tests performed for basic characterization and Conformity Assessment of waste are performed in accordance with the normative regulations of:



The testing of the characteristics in the tailings and eluates is performed with modern equipment: ICP-OES, ion chromatograph, RFA, GC, GC/MS and spectrometers.


The forms of sulfur are determined: Total sulfur – using high-temperature combustion, performed using a “Leco” apparatus and Sulphide Sulfur – combustion and titration method


As additional parameters when performing basic characterization of waste, the acid neutralization potential, total carbon and loss on ignition are also determined.


For evaluation of the acid-reduction properties of waste, a standardized kinetic test is performed (a minimum of 20 weeks).


TLD also performs diagnostics of the mineral composition (qualitative and quantitative X-Ray Diffraction Analysis), granulometric characteristic (laser diffraction) and micro probe analysis; these activities are beyond TLD’s scope of accreditation.


If the client requires it, the test reports can also be issued in English.



                                  The full scope of accreditation of TLD for testing of liquid waste, tailings and technological sludge samples can be found here.

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